For testing the order functionality please login with the following user data. The same login can be used for testing the backend.

Username: demouser
Password: demo

Welcome on the website of the Joomla component Lunchbox.

Lunchbox allows to publish menu cards. Registered users have the possibility to order published meals and to change their orders until a defined order due dates has expired. Each registered user will be assigned to a price category (e.g. Guest, Employee). Up to 10 different price categories can be defined. For the logged-in user only see his relevant price category. Each menu card is based on meals which will be managed in a separate meal library. The library includes all meals including ingredients, prices and one picture. Several reports are included (e.g. ordered meals for each week).

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your WERI-Design Team


Ordering / Prepaid

Lunchbox has an integrated ordering system where registered user can order the offered meals. With a pre-paid funtionality the costs will be calculated in real-time.

Meal library

Each available meal will be stored in a library. So it is very simple to create a menu card for a week. Each meal the ingredients can be assigned to.


Lunchbox has several reports integrated, e.g. order meals per week / day / user. Besides this a shopping list can be print and the billing can be done with our system.